Greetings from Australia

I just wanted to post an update for all my followers who have probably been wondering why I haven’t posted anything as of recent. In February 2015 I moved to the Gold Coast of Australia in order to attend school at Griffith University to study Business with a major in Marketing.

For everyone wondering…YES I am still keeping plants of course, however I have downsized my stock significantly in order to keep things simple for my father who is looking after everything for me. I am still approaching things with a “high tech” method, but with “low tech” plants, more so of the Anubias, Microsorum, and Cryptocoryne species which are not as demanding as some of the stem plants or grass like plants I was keeping before.

Back home in Canada I shut down all of my emersed and submersed aquariums, however I left one emersed tank and three submersed tanks still running. As soon as I get an opportunity to post some pictures of the progress I will be sure to post an update as I’m excited to see how some of the rare Cryptocorynes I own are doing.

I haven’t had the opportunity to get an aquarium set up and running here yet but once I am completely settled into my new apartment, you can count on it that I will be keeping many rainbow’s, gudgeons, goby species and Eriocaulon species (or whatever I can get my hands on).

I just want to thank everyone for your continued support, e-mails, and comments – You’re all awesome, here are some pictures of Australia for you all to enjoy as well as a final shot of my aquarium before I left.





    1. I haven’t yet but I definitely plan on visiting it. One of my friends just went to Fraser Island and said she had the time of her life diving in the great barrier reef. I’m trying to get my PADI license so I can go diving there also ! You should definitely try to visit it sooner than later.

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