Anubias Specie Tank

Before I left to Australia I had the opportunity to visit my friend’s house who has a beautiful fish and plant room; with his permission I was allowed to take these pictures and post them for you all to see just how healthy his plants are – I personally had never seen so many Anubias’ in one tank AND I didn’t even take pictures of the other tanks, there are easily another 4-6 tanks (if not more) of them filled with plants of the Anubias specie.

One of the greatest things is that his set up is extremely basic – rock wool as a substrate, no fertilization unless he’s doing a water change on the tank, and very simple shop lights (T8’s/T12’s)

I cannot remember all the species in which he is keeping in these tanks but off the top of my head I believe he has the following:

Anubias Barteri Var. Barteri
Anubias Barteri Var. Congensis
Anubias Barteri Var. ‘Nana’
Anubias Barteri Var. ‘Nana Petite
Anubias Frazeri
Anubias Lanceolata


Enjoy the pictures & I hope to have some Cryptocoryne updates for you all soon!


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