Cryptocoryne Lingua

I purchased this plant before I left for Australia since I hadn’t seen it for sale before in my local fish shops, unfortunately I couldn’t exactly take many pictures since I purchased it 2 days before I left but I will have my father send me some updated pictures as the plant should be adapted to emersed conditions by now.

Cryptocoryne Lingua is native to Sarawak in Borneo and the chromosome numbers are 2N = 36 as per “The Crypt Pages”

I’m currently keeping the plant under normal shop light T5’s with two 6700k bulbs and two 3000k bulbs – I was previously using the “colourmax” spectrum bulb which come off as a pink colour however they kept burning out and I didn’t have time to buy new bulbs.

I apologize for the quality and lack of photos but I promise to do an update in order to show the new growth and how they have adapted.

– Two 6700k T5 bulbs
– Two 3000k T5 bulbs
– Softer water – slightly acidic 6.5-6.8
– Homemade substrate as mentioned in other previous posts
– 10 hour lighting period


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