I’ve been keeping fish since the age of 12 with the thanks to my father who kept various types of Cichlids in 40 and 20 gallon tanks.  It wasn’t until I was 20 that I got my first aquarium and a year later developed my love for plants. Here is a short bio of myself:

Kirk Gibson (TorontoPlantMan)

– Recently graduated from George Brown College receiving an OCAD (Ontario College Advanced Diploma) in Business Administration – Marketing. Pursuing future studies on the Gold Coast of Australia in Business with a major in Marketing at Griffith University.
– Member of DRAS – Durham Region Aquarium Society
– Member of PRAC – Peel Region Aquarium Society
– Member of WECAS – Windsor & Essex County Aquarium Society
– Speaker/Presenter for various aquarium clubs on the topics of : Cryptocoryne Species, High-Tech VS Low-Tech Aquariums, The Ultimate Pressurized CO2 Guide, and Emersed Aquatic Plant Growing 101. Any aquatic plant related speeches/presentations can be prepared with at least a 3 week notice: FEE = $100 per hour + 1 year membership to your club/organization.
– Successfully grown and propagated over 100 species of aquatic plants, and over 40 species of Cryptocoryne’s.
– Currently manages 6 submersed planted aquariums and 7 emersed planted aquariums for a total of 13 planted tanks.
– Built over 8 high-tech dual stage high purity CO2 regulators/set-up’s.
– Experienced in high-tech planted aquariums and low-tech planted aquariums.
– Has kept over 40 different species of fish but mainly focuses on plants.


– KG

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