Cryptocoryne Cordata Var. Siamensis ‘Blassii’

Cryptocoryne Cordata Var. Siamensis ‘Blassii’ is another plant that gave me trouble submersed, however in emersed conditions this plant grows extremely well and sends many daughter plants.

This is a great beginner Cryptocoryne that you don’t always see for sale; I originally got this species from Oriental Aquarium in Singapore.

Lighting- Coralife T5NO Dual Bulb Р6700k and rosette bulb РLights are on for 10 hours. 
PH- 7.5
Substrate- Homemade substrate mix, cow manure, sheep manure, worm castings, natural red clay, and cheap topsoil.

In some pictures you can see the pink “shine” the plant has, it’s quite attractive.

IMG_1545 IMG_1546 IMG_1547