Cryptocoryne Crispatula Var Tonkinensis

Cryptocoryne Crispatula Var Tonkinensis

Cryptocoryne Crispatula Var. Tonkinensis is a rather difficult Cryptocoryne to grow since not much is known about it’s location or it’s cultivation aside from it’s exporter Oriental Aquariums. Whether they are being supplied by someone else or in fact growing this plant themselves no information has been released in terms of it’s preferred conditions.

I’ve had a difficult time keeping this species alive since I cannot find much about it but it is a rather odd looking Cryptocoryne when you compare it to all the other species. It has extremely thin leaf blades and has reached heights of 16 inches in length for me when it was flourishing, although it is now much smaller yet still hanging on at around 6-8 inches tall.

I’ve seen zero runners or any signs or a runner in the entire year that I’ve had this plant which is rather depressing, but once I crack this code I’m sure I will have it flourishing.

Here are the conditions I am currently keeping the plant in:

PH- 7.4 at night, 6.5 during the day when CO2 is on.
Temperature- 74-76
Lighting- 30″ Dual bulb T5HO – 6700k and Rosette bulb (7 hours per day). 24″ Dual bulb T5HO – 6700k and Rosette bulb (2 hours per day during the middle of the 7 hour lighting period)
Filtration- Marineland C220 Canister Filter
Substrate- Flourite Dark, Flourite Red, Flourite Black Sand, Muriate of Potash, Dolomite, Mineralized Top Soil, and Natural red clay from the earth.
Water Changes- X 1 a week
Dosing- Alternate Micro and Macro ( 1 day Micro, 1 Day Macro, etc)

If anyone has had success in cultivating this species please comment and let me know how you are keeping it.

cryptocoryne crispatula var tonkinensis 3
cryptocoryne crispatula var tonkinensis 2  cryptocoryne crispatula var tonkinensis