Endangered Cryptocoryne

Cryptocoryne X Purpurea Ridley Nothovar. Purpurea ‘Kota Tingga’

This is by far probably the rarest Cryptocoryne I own, especially considering they have completely destroyed it’s natural habitat due to palm oil plantations being put up.  I really hope I can grow this one and propagate it so it can be spread to fellow hobbyists; here is a link for further information and pictures of the plant :


Since I literally just got this plant it still needs to adjust to it’s new conditions, I’ll be keeping it in my emersed tank like many other Cryptocoryne’s I own.

Lighting- Coralife T5NO Dual Bulb – 6700k and rosette bulb – Lights are on for 10 hours. 
PH- 7.5
Substrate- Homemade substrate mix, cow manure, sheep manure, worm castings, natural red clay, and cheap topsoil.


IMG_1665 IMG_1664 IMG_1663